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Keynote Speaker

PaperID Corresponding Author Presentation Author All Author Title
K_1 Chun-Hway Hsueh Chun-Hway Hsueh Ying-Chou Lu, Chun-Hway Hsueh* Enhanced Luminous Transmittance and Solar Modulation by Subwavelength VO2 Nanoparticle Film for Smart Window Applications
K_2 Tatsumi Ishihara Tatsumi Ishihara Tatsumi Ishihara* and Tan Zhe,  Tubular Type Solid Oxide Reversible Cell Using LaGaO3 Electrolyte Film Prepared by Dip-coating Method
K_3 Yasser Ashraf Gandomi Yasser Ashraf Gandomi Yasser Ashraf Gandomi*, Matthew M. Mench Novel Reactor Design and Experimental Diagnostics for Redox Flow Batteries 
K_4 Hong Wang Hong Wang Hong Wang*  High Performance Dielectrics for Passive Integration and Energy Storage

 Invited Speaker

PaperID Corresponding Author Presentation Author All Author Title
A_I01 Subramanian Sakthinathan、Te-Wei Chiu Subramanian  Sakthinathan  Subramanian Sakthinathan*, Karthi keyan Arjunan , Dhanapal Vasu1, Te-Wei Chiu* Efficient Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction based on_Delafossite Materials supported Carbon composite
B_I01 Van-Nghia Nguyen Nghia Van Nguyen Van-Nghia Nguyen*, Van-Nguyen To, Van-Ky Nguyen, Quy-Quyen Ngo, Trung-Son Luong, Manh-Thao Pham, Manh-Ha Hoang, Thi-Thu-Hoa Nguyen Carbon coated sodium manganese oxide as a cathode material for sodium-ion battery
B_I02 Manas Ranjan Panda Manas Ranjan Panda  Manas Ranjan Panda, Qiaoliang Bao, Mainak Majumder, and Sagar Mitra Probing the Li/Na/ Storage Mechanism of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Using Synchrotron-Based X-ray Techniques
B_I03 Debasmita Dwibedi Debasmita  Dwibedi  Debasmita Dwibedi, Shini-ichi Nishimura, Prabeer Barpanda, Atsuo Yamada Insights into Stabilization of α-Na2Fe(SO4)2 and _Structure\ Polymorphism\ and Electrochemistry Thereof
B_I04 Van-Duong Dao Van-Duong Dao  Van-Duong Dao Environmental energy harvesting based on nanogenerator
B_I05 Tungabidya Maharana Tungabidya Maharana Rama Devi, Kavita Tapadia, Alekha Kumar Sutar, Tungabidya Maharana*  Development of Paper-Based Flexible Supercapacitor Fabricated Using Polypyrrole
B_I06 Prabeer Barpanda Prabeer Barpanda Anshuman Chaupatnaik, Prabeer Barpanda* Perovskite lead-based anodes for secondary batteries
B_I07 Tran V. Thu Tran V. Thu Tran V. Thu*, To V. Nguyen, Le X. Duong, Le T. Son, Vu V. Thuy Graphene-MnFe2O4-polypyrrole ternary hybrids with synergistic effect for supercapacitor electrode
B_I08 P Muhammed Shafib、A Chandra Bose1a、Jae-Jin. Shimb P. MUHAMMED SHAFI Nikhitha Josepha, , P Muhammed Shafib*, , J. S. Sethulakshmia, Raj Karthikb, A Chandra Bose1a*and, Jae-Jin. Shimb* Three Dimensional NiO Nanonetwork Electrode for Efficient Ultra-fast Electrochemical Energy Storage Application
B_I09 Prasant Kumar Nayak Prasant Kumar Nayak Prasant Kumar Nayak* High-capacity layered oxide cathode materials for rechargeable Li-ion batteries
E_I01 Horng-Show Koo Horng-Show Koo Horng-Show Koo* and Mi Chen Recent Progress on Gallium Oxide Ceramic Materials and Thin Films for High-efficiency and Energy-saving Applications
E_I02 Alice EH Lee Sie Alice EH Lee Sie Alice EH Lee Sie Robust tristate reversible electrochemical mirror electrochromic devices
E_I03 Meng-Fang Lin Meng-Fang Lin Meng-Fang Lin* Nanofiber for triboelectric nanogenerator
F_I01 Naoki  Wakiya Naoki  Wakiya Naoki Wakiya*, Mayu Yoshida, Takahiko Kawaguchi, Naoniri Sakamoto, Kazuo Shinozaki, Hisao Suzuki In-situ observation of spontaneous phase separation via spinodal decomposition in Sr-excess SrTiO3 thin film
F_I02 Kuan-Ting  Wu  Kuan-Ting  Wu  Kuan-Ting Wu*, Tatsumi Ishihara The Role of Self-exsolved Heterogeneous Composite Nanoparticles towards Highly Active Fuel Electrode for CO2H2O Co-electrolysis
F_I03 Yenyu  Chen Yenyu  Chen Yen-Yu Chen*, Pin-Lun Huang, Chia-Yu Liu, An-Chang Lin, Hsuan-Yun Lin, Chien-Ming Lei Microstructures and Electrical Properties of BaCeZrYYbO3-δYSZ composites prepared by Solid-State Sintering for Sustainable Energy Application
F_I04 Francesco Ciucci Francesco Ciucci Francesco Ciucci* High Performance Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells 
H_I01 Kungen  Teii  Kungen  Teii  Kungen Teii*, Jason H. C.  Yang, Seiichiro Matsumoto Plasma Deposition of High-Quality Cubic Boron Nitride Films for Applications to Ultrahard Coatings and Electronic Devices
H_I02 Masahiro YOSHIMURA Masahiro YOSHIMURA Masahiro YOSHIMURA* Continuous(Successive) Fabrication of Nano-Structured Ceramic Materials via Soft, Solution Processing without Firing
L_I01 Sakthivel Gandhi Sakthivel Gandhi Abinaya Mayavan1, Sakthivel Gandhi* Nanoporous Silica Materials: A Versatile Supporting Material for the Development of ‘Phosphor in Glass’
M_I01 Shan-Tao  Zhang Shan-Tao  Zhang Shan-Tao Zhang*  Ferroelectric and pyroelectric property in antiferroelectric-based composites
M_I02 Nobuhiro  Matsushita  Nobuhiro  Matsushita  Ryosuke Nitta, Yuta Kubota, Lin Hwai En, Masahiro Yoshimura, Nobuhiro Matsushita* “Spin-Spray Method”  A Novel Solution Process for Preparing Semiconductor Oxide Films with Low Environmental Load
P_I01 Ngoc Duy  Pham  Ngoc Duy  Pham  Ngoc Duy Pham*, Shujuan Huang, Weijian Chen, Hongxia Wang, Baohua Jia, and Xiaoming Wen Novel p-dopant for Spiro-OMeTAD-based Hole-Transporting Materials towards Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells
P_I02 Al Jumlat Ahmed  Al Jumlat Ahmed  Al Jumlat Ahmed* Thermoelectric Performance of Nano-engineered Perovskite Oxide Materials Sr1-xLaxTiO3 and Ba1-xLaxTiO3
P_I03 Hongxia Wang  Hongxia Wang  Hongxia Wang Towards Cost-Effective, Stable and Greener Perovskite based Solar Cells and Light Emitting Diode

Oral Speaker

PaperID Corresponding Author Presentation Author All Author Title
B_O01 Debabrata  Mohanty Debabrata  Mohanty Debabrata Mohanty *, Shu-Yu Chen, I-Ming Hung Effect of different LiTFSI content on Composite Solid Electrolyte with NASICON-type LATP and PVDF–HFP for Solid-State Lithium-ion Batteries
B_O02 Jeng-Kuei Chang Rahmandhika Firdauzha Hary  Hernandha Rahmandhika Firdauzha Hary Hernandha, Purna Chandra Rath, Bharath Umesh, Jagabandhu Patra, Jeng-Kuei Chang* SiOxCarbon Multilayer Coating on Silicon Nanoparticles Synthesized via Supercritical CO2 Fluid for Li-ion Battery Anodes
B_O03 Cheng-Chia Chen Bruce  Chen Cheng-Chia Chen , Sutarsis , Jeng-Kuei Chang  Roles of Binders on Self-Discharge for Porous Carbon Supercapacitor Electrodes
B_O04 Chinghuan  Lee Chinghuan  Lee Alex Chinghuan Lee*, Shih-kang Lin, Jui-po Chen, Kaviarasan Govindarajan Structure evolution and operando analysis methods of fast-charging lithium titanate materials developed in HiGEM research center
B_O05 Tzu Husan Chiang YU-SI  CHEN_ Yu-Si Chen, Tzu Husan Chiang* Fe-Cu-Schiff base complexes as Electrocatalysts for Zn-Air Batteries
B_O06 Ngoc Thanh Thuy  Tran Ngoc Thanh Thuy  Tran Ngoc Thanh Thuy Tran*  Insight into the degradation mechanism of the Ni-rich NMC cathode materials
E_O01 Hsin-Yi Tiffany Chen Chih-Heng  Lee Chih-Heng Lee, Yi-Ting Lu, Chi-Chang Hu, Hsin-Yi Tiffany Chen* A DFT Study of the Effect of Degrees of Inversion on the Electronic Structure of Spinel NiCo2O4
E_O02 Ying-Hao Chu PAO-Wen  Shao Pao-Wen Shao, Heng-Jui Liu, Yuanwei Sun, Mei Wu, Ren-Ci Peng, Meng Wang, Fei Xue, Xiaoxing Cheng, Lei Su, Hsiao-Wen Chen, Meng-Chin Lin, Qian Zhuang, Jiawei Huang, Yachin Ivry, Hsiang-Lin Liu, Yu-Jung Lu, Shi Liu, Pu Yu, Long-Qing Chen, Peng Gao, Xiaoqing Pan, Yung-Jung Hsu, Jyh-Ming Wu, Yi-Chun Chen, and Ying-Hao Chu* Flexo-phototronic Effect in Centro-symmetric BiVO4 Epitaxial Films
E_O03 Feng Sheng Chao Feng Sheng Chao Feng-Sheng Chao*, Chin-Yi Chen Supercapacitive Properties of Bi-doped ZnCo2O4 Nanostructure Synthesized by In-situ Hydrothermal Method
E_O04 Deng-Li Ko Deng-Li Ko Deng-Li Ko, Ying-Hao Chu High-stability transparent flexible energy storage  based on PbZrO3/ muscovite heterostructure 
F_O01 Azam Khan AZAM  KHAN Azam Khan *, Yi-Hung Wang , and I-Ming Hung Study of BaCO3 and Samarium-doped Ceria Carbonate Composite Electrolyte for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
F_O02 Liangdong Fan Liangdong Fan Zenghui Wang, Liang Dong Fan* High-performance in-situ Ni nanoparticle exsolved LSTN/LNSDC composites for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells 
L_O01 Pei-Tzu  Cheng Pei-Tzu  Cheng Pei-Tzu Cheng*, Chen-Yu Wu, Horng-Yi Chang Optical Properties of Europium doped Calcium Sulfide Prepared by Carbon
L_O02 Henni Setia Ningsih Henni Setia Ningsih Henni Setia Ningsih, Huang-Yu Hsuan and Shao-Ju Shih* Synthesis and characterization of Tb-doped Y4SiAlO8N powder by spray pyrolysis 
M_O01 Yu-Lin Kuo Chia Wei  Huang Chia-Wei Huang, Yu-Lin Kuo*, Henok Atile Kibret1, Yao-Hsuan Tseng Chemical Looping Gasification of Spent Coffee Ground Using Iron ore as Oxygen Carrier
M_O02 asit kumar panda asit kumar panda Asit Kumar Panda, Ren-Jei Chung A Non-Enzymatic\ Biocompatible Electrochemical Sensor based on N-doped Graphene Quantum Dot-incorporated SnS2 Nanosheets for In Situ Monitoring of Hydrogen Peroxide in Breast Cancer Cells
M_O03 Lien-Hui Kan Lien'Hui  Kan Lien-Hui Kan*, Chen-Yu Wu, Horng-Yi Chang Investigation on Luminescent Layer of Alkaline-earth Aluminates on Aluminum Alloy
P_O01 Akira Yamakata Chia-Yu  Chang  Chia-Yu Chang, Kosaku Kato, Akira Yamakata*, Wenjea J. Tseng Development of Visible Light Responsive TiO2 Photoelectrodes by Metal Nanoparticle Loading


PaperID Corresponding Author Presentation Author All Author Title
A_P01 Hairus  Abdullah Hairus  Abdullah Noto Susanto Gultom, Dong-Hau Kuo*, Chien-Hui Li, and Hairus Abdullah*, Impressive OER Performance on Micro-Tree-Like Ni3S2 in Alkaline Solution
A_P02 Chi Yuan Lee Chi Yuan Lee Chi-Yuan Lee *, Chia-Hung Chen , Shan-Yu Chen , Zhi-Yu Huang  Integration of High Pressure Resistant Flexible 6-in-1 Microsensor and High Pressure Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzer
A_P03 Chi Yuan Lee Chi Yuan Lee Chi Yuan Lee PEMWEs MEA Anode Internal Sensing Technology Development
A_P04 JUI TENG  Lee  JUI TENG  Lee  Jui-Teng Lee*, Shih-Hsiu Chen, and Chia-Yun Chen Incorporation of Au@CuSCu2S nanoparticles on ZnO nanosheets for efficient photodark responsive degradation of organic pollutants
B_P01 TAI FENG HUNG  TAI FENG HUNG  Mohamed M. Abdelaal, Tzu-Cheng Hung, Tai-Feng Hung* Polymer-derived Nitrogen-doped Carbon Materials with Hierarchically Porous Architectures toward Capacitive Performances for Lithium-ion Capacitors
B_P02 Te-Wei Chiu VASU  DHANAPAL  Dhanapal Vasu, Arjunan Karthi Keyan, Subramanian Sakthinathan, Te-Wei Chiu* Excellent Electrochemical active CuFe2O43D-rGO based Supercapacitor Electrodes with an Ultrahigh Specific Capacitance
B_P03 Karthi  Keyan Arjunan  Karthi  Keyan Arjunan  Arjunan Karthi Keyan, Dhanapal Vasu, Subramanian Sakthinathan1, Te-Wei Chiu* High energetic supercapacitor electrode of CuCoO2P-rGO nanocomposite with ultrahigh specific capacitance
B_P04 Zhen  Chong  Zhen  Chong  Zhen Chong*, Jow-Lay Huang, Chia-Chin Chang, Yu-Min Shen** Performance of Molybdenum-Modified Titanium Oxide as anode for lithium-ion Battery
B_P05 Chi Yuan Lee Chi Yuan Lee Chi-Yuan Lee 1*, Chia-Hung Chen 2, Chin-Lung Hsieh 3, Yu-Chun Chen 1, Siao-Yu Chen 1  Development of Instant Diagnostic Technology for Hydrogenvanadium Flow Battery
B_P06 Jen Hao Yang  Jen Hao Yang  Jen-Hao, Yang1 ,Kuan-Zong, Fang2 ,and Shu-Yi Tsai3 Effect of Synthesis Routes on Nickel rich and Cobalt-free Layered Oxides Cathode for Li Ion Batteries
B_P07 Xiejing  Luo  Xiejing  Luo  Xiejing Luo1, Chaofang Dong1*, Yarong Xi1, Chenhao Ren1, Junsheng Wu1, Dawei Zhang1, Xiongbo Yan1, Yajun Xu2, Pengfei Liu2, Yedong He1, Xiaogang Li1 Computational simulation and efficient evaluation on corrosion inhibitors for electrochemical etching on aluminum foil
B_P08 Jia-Hong  Du  Jia-Hong  Du  Jia-Hong Du1*, Shu-Yi Tsai2, Kuan-Zong Fung1,2 Polarization Reduction of Surface-Modified Garnet Solid_Electrolytes for Solid State Li-ion Battery Applications
B_P09 Yu Hsuan  Su  Yu Hsuan  Su  Yu-Hsuan Su1,2*, Po-Wei Chi1, Tanmoy Paul1, Koo-Ting Chan3, Hwai-En Lin3, Phillip M. Wu4, Maw-Kuen Wu1 Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Single-Crystal LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 Cathode for Lithium-Ion Batteries
B_P10 hsieh zih heng   hsieh zih heng   Zih-Heng Hsieh2 ,Kuan-Zong, Fung1,2 ,and Shu-Yi Tsai2 Characterization of spinel cathode material for advanced lithium-ion batteries
B_P11 Yi-Hung Wang Yi-Hung Wang Yi-Hung Wang*, Ya-Chen Tsai, Wei-Ning Hsieh, I-Ming Hung, Cheng-Yeou Wu Effect of concentration on performance of ZrO2 nanoparticle electrochemical in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
B_P12 Debabrata  Mohanty Debabrata  Mohanty Debabrata  Mohanty*, Jing-Yu Lai ,Pao-Wei Ou , I-Ming Hung Synthesis and Properties of Li2MnO3-LiMn1/3Co1/3Ni1/3O2 Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Battery
B_P13 Jing-Yu Lai Jing-Yu Lai Jing-Yu Lai *,Jie-Yu Liao , I-Ming Hung Synthesis and Material Characterisic of Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3 Solid Electrolytes for Lithium-ion Battery 
B_P14 Jing-Yu Lai Jing-Yu Lai Jing-Yu Lai *,Ming-Yan Chen , I-Ming Hung Synthesis and Properties of double-layered Li2MnO3LiMn1/3Co1/3Ni1/3O2 material for Lithium-Ion Battery
E_P01 Enzhu Lin Enzhu Lin Enzhu Lin, Zihan Kang, Jiang Wu, Rui Huang, Ni Qin*, Dinghua Bao* The effects of selectively and randomly deposited Ag nanoparticles on the piezocatalytic activity of BaTiO3 nanocubes/cuboids
E_P02 Tung-Wei Chang Tung-Wei Chang Tung-Wei Chang *, Ren-Shuo Chang , I-Ming Hung Development of nano-sized Fe-based powder for Inductance
E_P03 Chang-Chun Zheng Chang-Chun Zheng Chang-Chun Zheng, Fu-Hsing Lu Preparation of Nitrogen-doped BaTiO3 Thin Films on TiNSi by _Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation
E_P04 Te-Wei Chiu Te-Wei Chiu Kai-Chun Hsu, Heng-Jyun Lei, Chung-Lun Yu, Te-Wei Chiu1* Preparation of CeO2-CuCrO2 composite by electrospinning method
E_P05 Te-Wei Chiu Te-Wei Chiu Bing-Zhen Hsu1, Chung-Lun Yu2, *Te-Wei Chiu3, Bing-Sheng Yu3 Porous Structure ZnO-ZnFe2O4 Catalyst Applied by Hydrogen from Methanol Steam Reforming
F_P01 Chi Yuan Lee Chi Yuan Lee Chi-Yuan Lee 1*, Chia-Hung Chen 2, Yun-Hsiu Chien 1, Yi-Lun Chien 1 Flexible Integrated Microsensor for In-situ Monitoring of Proton Battery
F_P02 Wei Cheng  Chin  Wei Cheng  Chin  Wei-Cheng Chin1, Yi-Hsuan Lee1* Correlation between NiFe2O4 Cathode Thickness and Hydrogen Production Efficiency for Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells
F_P03 KUAN LIN  CHEN  KUAN LIN  CHEN  Chia-Chieh Shen1*,2,  Kuan-Lin Chen1 Hydrogen Storage Alloy Tanks for Fuel Cell Assisted Bicycles
F_P04 Yenyu  Chen  Yenyu  Chen  Wei-I Yen, Hsin-Chieh Hsieh, Ying-Chen Lin, Sih-Yu Chen, Yen-Yu Chen* Preparation of Porous Zirconia by Ceramic Photo-polymerization Process
F_P05 Jhih Yu  Tang  Jhih Yu  Tang  Jhih-Yu Tang1*, Kuan-Zong Fung1,2, Shu-Yi Tsai1,2, Jarosław Milewski3, Tomasz Wejrzanowski4 Effect of Dual Phases on Ionic Conduction of Consisting of Doped Ceria and Carbonates
F_P06 Yuan Jie  Tsai Yuan Jie  Tsai Yuan-Jie Tsai 1, Kuan-Zong Fung1,2*, Shu-Yi Tsai1,2 A Modified Solid-State Reaction Method to Synthesize Proton-Conducting BaCe0.5Zr0.3Y0.2O3-δ Electrolyte with Improved Sinterability
F_P07 Sheng-Wei  Lee  Sheng-Wei  Lee  W. Y. Huang1, K. R Lee1, Jason S. C. Jang1, J. C. Lin1, I. M. Hung2, C. J. Tseng3, S. W. Lee1* Nd-doped LSCF nano-fibrous cathode for proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells
F_P08 Chia-Chieh Shen Chia-Chieh Shen Chia-Chieh Shen1*,2, Li Qun Hu, Shen Ta Wei 1    Small Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle
F_P09 Liangdong Fan Liangdong Fan Shiyi Luo, Liangdong Fan* Intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell with nanoscale electrodes fabricated by one-step sintering technology 
F_P10 Liangdong Fan Liangdong Fan Yanpu Li, Liangdong Fan* Enhancement of Oxygen Reduction Reaction activity of Cobalt Based Cathode in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
F_P11 Azam Khan Azam Khan Azam Khan*, Ko-Yun Chao , Zheng-An Wang ,I-Ming Hung Preparation and Characterization of YxBa2-xCo2O5+δ Cathode Material
for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
F_P12 Ko-Yun Chao Ko-Yun Chao Ko-Yun Chao 1*, Ching- Hsuan Wu 1, I-Ming Hung1 2 Preparation and Properties of YxSr1-xyTiO3-δ anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
F_P13 Ko-Yun Chao Ko-Yun Chao Ko-Yun Chao 1*, Kuan- Chi Fu 1, I-Ming Hung1 2 Preparation and Characterization of High Temperature Mixed Proton-electron Conductors
F_P14 Takeshi Kawai Takeshi Kawai Takeshi Kawai, Takahiko Kawaguchi, Naonori Sakamoto, Hisao Suzuki, Naoki Wakiya* Spontaneous formation of superlattice thin film with perovskite A³⁺B³⁺O₃ structure using dynamic aurora PLD and its effect on physical properties
F_P15 Haruki Zayasu Haruki Zayasu Haruki Zayasu*, Hiroki Nakane, Takahiko Kawaguchi, Naonori Sakamoto, Hisao Suzuki, Naoki Wakiya* Preparation and characterization of epitaxially grown YSZ thin films on porous silicon substrates for SOFC applications 
F_P16 Kaoru Ogata Kaoru Ogata Kaoru Ogata*, Takahiko Kawaguchi, Naonori Sakamoto, Hisao Suzuki, Naoki Wakiya* Spontaneous formation of superlattice thin films on substrates having heterogenious structure using dynamic aurora PLD
F_P17 Kazuto Yoshida Kazuto Yoshida Kazuto Yoshida*1, Hisao Suzuki2, Takashi Arai3, Takahiko Kawaguchi4, Naonori Sakamoto5, Naoki Wakiya6, Desheng Fu7 Low temperature synthesis of PZT thin films with giant piezoelectric displacement on glass substrate by domain engineering from molecular-designed precursors 
F_P18 Ryoya Nishimura Ryoya Nishimura Ryoya Nishimura*, Takahiko Kawaguchi, Naonori Sakamoto, Hisao Suzuki, Naoki Wakiya  The effect of starting materials on low-temperature preparation of Li6.5La3Zr1.5Ta0.5O12 single crystal using the flux method
F_P19  Seiji Sogen  Seiji Sogen Seiji Sogen*1, Hisao Suzuki2, Takashi Arai3, Takahiko Kawaguchi4, Naonori Sakamoto5, Naoki Wakiya6, Desheng Fu7 Synthesis of PZT thin film with single crystal-like ferroelectricity on SUS substrate
F_P20 Ayano Iizuka Ayano Iizuka Ayano Iizuka*, Takahiko Kawaguchi, Naonori Sakamoto, Hisao Suzuki, Naoki Wakiya* Computer simulation via phase-field method to consider the effect of magnetic field on the formation process of spontaneous superlattice structure using dynamic auroral PLD
F_P21 Yi-Chu Han Yi-Chu Han Yi-Chu Han, Yung-Chin Yang The study of 8YSZ electrolyte fabrication of the tubular solid oxide fuel cells by the dip-coating method
F_P22 Yi-Le Liao Yi-Le Liao Yi-Le Liao1, Sea-Fue Wang1* The Research of the Mechanism of in-situ Sintering Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
H_P01 Yi Hsiang Lai Yi Hsiang Lai Yi-Hsiang Lai*, Yung-Jen Lin Processing and performance of oxidation-resistant layers on graphite
H_P02 Chien-Chih  Chiang  Chien-Chih  Chiang  Chien-Chih Chiang *, Jeou-long Lee, Chang-Chia Chou, Jin-Yih Kao, Ming-Han Tsai, Ya-Chi Wu Influence of Unipolar Pulsed Two-Stage Rise Voltage on Wear Resistance of Carbon Steel Surface Using MAO method
H_P03 KaI Yo Huang  KaI Yo Huang  Kai-Yo Huang*, Yu-Chuan Wu, Chun Ming Huang, Yu Chen Yeh Analysis of the microstructure and dielectric properties on CaCu3Ti4O12-based dielectric ceramic materials
H_P04 Ming Zhe Lu Ming Zhe Lu Ming-Zhe Lu1*, Yu-Chuan Wu1, Yu-Chen Yeh1, Chun-Ming Huang2  High temperature stability BaTiO3-Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based dielectric ceramics of formulation improvement and material properties analysis
H_P05 Gourav  Mundhra  Gourav  Mundhra  Gourav Mundhra* Use of a composition-graded solid electrolyte for determination of Gibbs energy of formation of lanthanum hafnate A prospective TBC material for turbine applications
H_P06 tsung yang ho  tsung yang ho  Tsung-Yang Ho1, Shu-Yi Tsai 2, Kuan-Zong Fung 3 High Performance Solid State SO2 sensor using Nano-structured Oxides
H_P07 Chien-Chih  Chiang  Chien-Chih  Chiang  Chien-Chih Chiang1*, Jeou-long Lee1*, Ta-Lun Sung1, Shin-Cheng Chen1, Yuan-Wen Huang1, Chi-Yu Hsu1, Hsuan-Hsien Chuang1 Effects of MAO Coating on the Hardness and Corrosion Resistance of 6032 Aluminium Alloy
H_P08 Bo-Cheng Lai Bo-Cheng Lai S.F. Wang1*, B.C. Lai1, and C.A. Lu2 Dielectric properties of CaO–B2O3–SiO2 glass-ceramics in the millimeter-wave range of 20–60 GHz frequency 
L_P01 Mu Tsun Tsai  Mu Tsun Tsai  Mu-Tsun Tsai* , Ya-Chen Lin, Ya-Lun Chug Luminescence Investigation of Chromium-doped Forsterite Phosphor Thin Films
L_P02 Mu Tsun Tsai Mu Tsun Tsai Mu-Tsun Tsai* , Chu-Xian Yao, Yi-Jun Luo Luminescence Investigation of Blue-emitting Cordierite Phosphor Thin Films
L_P03 Chien-Chih  Chiang  Chien-Chih  Chiang  Chien-Chih Chiang1*, Jeou-Long Lee1, Ta-Lun Sung1, Tzu-Chieh Kao1, Chen-Ying Wu1, Shin-Tse Chen1, Chien-Yu Ku1 Structures and Photoluminescence Properties of (Ba\Sr)1-xMgAl10O17Eux2/ Phosphors
M_P01 Chung-Lun  Yu  Chung-Lun  Yu  Chung-Lun Yu, Subramanian Sakthinathan, Sheng-Yu Chen, Te-Wei Chiu*, Yung-Shen Fu**, Bing-Sheng Yu ZnO-ZnCr2O4 Catalyst Fabricated by Glycine Nitrate Process and Used for Hydrogen Generation with the Steam Reforming of Methanol
M_P02 Zhen-Yu  Sun  Zhen-Yu  Sun  Zhen-Yu Sun, Chung-Lun Yu, Te-Wei Chiu* CuCrO2-TiO2 Nanocomposites Prepared by Glycine Nitrate Process and Photodegradation the Organic Dye with Ultraviolet Light
M_P03 Yung-Fu  Wu  Yung-Fu  Wu  Yung-Fu Wu*, Yung-Lin Chen, Wei-Teng Wang, Yu-Ya Lin  Nickel Recovery from Spent Plating Solution by Chemical Precipitation
M_P04 Yung-Fu  Wu  Yung-Fu  Wu  Yung-Fu Wu*, Yung-Lin Chen, Wei-Teng Wang, Yu-Ya Lin Anticorrosion for 304 Stainless Steel by Using TiO2Ag2O Protection Layer
M_P05 ChinWei  Hung  ChinWei  Hung  Kai-Chun Hsu, Chin-Wei Hung, Subramanian Sakthinathan, Te-Wei Chiu*, Fang-Yu Fan, Yung-Kang Shan Fabrication of CuYO2 Nanofibers by Electrospinning
M_P06 Feng Yu  You  Feng Yu  You  Yu-Feng You, Chung-Lun Yu, Te-Wei Chiu* Preparation of Janus Structure ZnOCuO Composite Oxide Particle
M_P07 Shu-Yi  Tsai  Shu-Yi  Tsai  Shu-Yi Tsai *, Kuan-Zong Fung, Khoiril Metrima Firmansyah2 Effect of adding mesoporous silica KIT-6 of V2O5WO3TiO2 catalyst for selective catalytic reduction
M_P08 Qiaofeng  Han  Qiaofeng  Han  Huiwei Ding, Qiaofeng Han* Synthesis of Bi4O5I2BiOI heterojunction with improved visible-light photocatalytic activity
M_P09 Min  Ao  Min  Ao  Min Ao1., Hui-min Liu*, Chao-fang Dong The effect of La2O3 addition on intermetallic-free aluminium matrix composites reinforced with TiC and Al2O3 ceramic particles
M_P10 YingChieh  Lee  YingChieh  Lee  Jhen-Hau Jan1, Annisa Oktaafianti2, Choong Yen Voon 3, Ying-Chieh Lee 3 A Study of Low-Temperature Sintering of Al2O3 Ceramics with TiO2 and Nb2O5 addition
M_P11 LI-EN  CHEN  LI-EN  CHEN  Tzu-Hsuan Tsai 1*, Li-En Chen 1, Chih-Lung Lin 2, Teng-Yu Wang 2 Electrostatic separation for recycling silicon from the crushed photovoltaic modules
M_P12 Zihan Kang Zihan Kang Zihan Kang, Kanghui Ke, Enzhu Lin, Ni Qin*, Jiang Wu, Rui Huang and Dinghua Bao* Novel Bi2WO6/g-C3N4/ZnO Z-scheme heterojunctions with g-C3N4 interlayer modulated by piezoelectric polarization for efficient piezo-photocatalytic decomposition of harmful organic pollutants
M_P13 Mi Chen Mi Chen Cheng-Ch Wu1 ,Horng-Show Koo2* Ming-An Chung3 and Mi Chen1* Characerization of Graphene/CNTs Hybrid Conductive Film by Screen Printing
M_P14 Wan-Chien Wu Wan-Chien Wu Wan-Chien Wu, Yung-Chin Yang* Developments of Calcium Sulfate Coating on Ti6Al4V Substrate by Flame Spray
P_P01 Chien-Chih  Chiang  Chien-Chih  Chiang  Chien-Chih Chiang*, Jeou-Long Lee, Ta-Lun Sung, Jui-Chang Chen, Chin-Yen Chang, Chih-Chun Kuo Synthesis and Characteristic of III-VI Metal Chalcogenide semiconductor nanoparticle


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